We are an IT Solutions based company driven by the ever-increasing technological requirements shaping the business of the future. Anything that can be imagined, can be built and we are determined to work with you in developing systems, driving efficiencies and eliminating business downtime.

We offer customised solutions to your problems, as we understand that everyone conducts their business in their own way, and a standardised product simply won’t cut it. We believe deeply in real-time client feedback and involvement, ensuring that each 1 or 0 being placed behind the curtains is beneficial to your business.

Vision, Mission &

Taproot Technologies has, as its core function, a mission to redefine the IT industry, offering personalised IT solutions to enhance the way we do business. We connect clients with the overlooked talent, bringing down costs and creating a custom, enduring service that defines our clients.

To make drastic positive impact on our economy, and our people.

Every device running Taproot Technologies’ powered software/applications.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Client First

First we get to know you, then we get to know your business. We get to know your problems and then we figure out how to make them disappear.


Taproot technologies believes that ‘customised’ services require a ‘customised’ approach. Our method is unique for every client.


Every member of the Taproot Technologies team contributes to every project. We all share the same passion – problem solving!


We connect clients with the overlooked talent, bringing down costs and creating a custom, enduring service that defines our clients.

Meet Our Awesome Team

  • Chris Young CA(SA)
    Chris Young CA(SA) Managing Director

    Chris is charged with the overall strategic and financial responsibilities of the company. He maintains strong networks, and leverages these networks to provide a world-class service delivery to our clients, ensuring all that fall within the TRT network gain significantly in their lives. Chris is the bridge between big clients and big IT talent. He listens to your problems and develops practical solutions.

  • Ryan Kohne
    Ryan Kohne Director

    Ryan manages the daily operations of the company. He builds and maintains networks alongside Chris to ensure every client gets the delivery and service that they deserve. Ryan manages relationships in Cape Town with various clients and developers ensuring that Taproot Technologies can handle any project that are thrown their way. Ryan is passionate about marketing and learning, and constantly works on bettering Taproot Technologies footprint in the market. Chris and Ryan have a great understanding and work efficiently together to provide a client with world-class service at Taproot Technologies.

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